Thursday, May 01, 2008

St. George

Excerpts from another great letter Manon wrote to Dan....

I think your mom told you that we all went to St. George. It was fun but she left out some of the funniest details. I guess she did tell you about the bike thing that was totally crappy. So some of the fun or funny things were:

Entertainment of Leiden.- the first day we were there Dad took us on a tour of the facilities and on the way we found I gigantic stink bug. Everyone was so entertained watching Leidy talk and look at the bug. As we walked away she kept saying bye buggie, bye buggie.

Sleeping arrangements – Sara wanted to make a deal with Rob. She wanted to sleep on the pull out (probably because Dad just got done saying how it was the coveted bed and you got it a lot of the time) and have Jenn sleep on the sofa. Then Rob could have a room all to himself. Needless to say Jenn wasn’t having that.

Hand Pong – They made you buy the ping pong balls and check out the paddle from the club house which is a ways away from the games so Jake came up with a new game where you play with your palms instead of paddles. There were a few rule alterations but we had a competition with Rob and Jenn. It was a tight match but we came out victorious.

Kiddy Pool – We bought Leidy a new swim suit that has a built in floater. She looks kind of like the Hulk when she wears it only it’s pink. Anyway the kiddy pool is only 2 feet deep so she was just bobbing around like crazy.

Now it’s back to real life I guess.

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