Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Well, today we went in for a viability scan to hear a heartbeat for the new baby but the doctor could not see signs of a viably pregnancy. His best assessment was that we had what he called a molar pregnancy. (Don’t really know if I am typing that right or not) Basically he said that my lining was thickening like a normal pregnancy and that the embryo had attached and was still attached but that it did not continue to develop properly. He said that it only happens about 1 in every 2,000 pregnancies. So we have to go in for more testing and probably have surgery to have some tissue removed. Needless to say we are very sad today and are having to rethink the way our life is going to be laid out at least when it comes to family and size. I know that the Lord is watching out for us and everyone has different trials so we will just try to endure this part of ours well. Thanks for everyone’s prayers as we went thought this process. Better luck next time I guess.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Catch up

It really has been over a month since I last posted anything. People are probably going to get sick of looking at my blog because it never changes. Oh well. I think in the last post I mentioned the Midnight ride and I found the photo that was in the Davis Clipper. Leiden has seen a lot of Akbar lately and now thinks his name is Bawkar, close enough I guess. Jenn Seethaler got married this week and that was an entire day of partying, eating and fun. Jake and I have been working non stop to get the new Envy location ready and the old store ready for its move. So for any one interested we have 50% off all our floor model items and are moving into the new space October 1rst. I know 50% is crazy but we just thought it would be nice and easy for people. I think the best part of Blogs are peoples photos so here are a few and I will post more from Jenns wedding when we get them downloaded. Since Jake has been managing the blog lately I haven't gotten the chance to say how I excited I am to be prego. Not prego like the sauce but the other kind of prego. I feel so lucky to live in a time when I can even have the opportunity to do anything like invitro. I know some people have issues with messing around with things that don't come natural but for me and my family it is a huge blessing. We love out little Leiden and want as many as we can afford to have. Till next time.

Monday, September 08, 2008

It Worked!

After an extremely emotional Sunday we went in for the prgnancy blood test this morning. They told us they would let us know by 12 and finally at 12.01 they called and gave us the good news. The numbers were in the normal range for 1 baby and we are very excited. Thank you SO much for all of your fasting and prayers on our behalf. We will keep you posted with updates..