Thursday, January 14, 2010

A new member

The biggest news since I last posted is that we thawed out some embryos and one of them took. So we will be adding a new member to our family around Aug 5th. We are super excited but Leiden is taking a little time to warm up to the idea. We keep telling her its not a Baby its a new friend for her. and she is ok with that idea. Jake and I are really excited though. Because of this new addition my Boss (ie Jake) has fired me from my everyday job. I now am a stay at home mom that only goes into work 2 days a week from 8-12 and by appointment. It is so fun to stay home with Leiden and play. My side of the family tried to do a nativity this year. All the kids did such a good job it was realy cute. Jakes mom and dad got 2 new puppies. The best part these puppies is that we can show up, play with them, and then leave them for someone else to do the real work. Thanks to Jakes mom we got a membership to the childrems museum in Salt Lake. This is Leiden putting on a play for us. We took Leiden iceskatting for the first time. I normaly like sport activities but skating is realy not for me. We took a Saturday off from work and went sledding. Our dog Jack is the best ever. I have never met a more friendly tolerant dog. Jake built a snowman his same height. It was so funny to watch, it was like he was 8, he called his friends to come over to see if they could help him make a bigger one. I was asked to do another booth at this years design expo. It was fun but a lot of work, Leiden is the best side kick this is her helping me dry the seams in the drywall. Thats about it. Everyone remember my birthday is coming up. I'm turing the big 30. I think this is the time most people start lying about their age. Maybe next year I will turn 30 again. :)