Friday, June 20, 2008

Odds and Ends

This is just a few fun things that happened recently. On Fathers day my sister Haley sent a card to my dad that had a "boss for the day" tag in it. On the back she had hand written "just be sure to return this to Manon at the end of the day". She better not mess. Grandma Smith, Celest and I went to the Zoo with a bunch of Leiden’s cousins. One of the highlights was when they chased the Meer cats back and forth behind the glass that had obviously been seperated from the others for bad behavior. I had a day off a painted Leiden’s room kind of crazy. We went to Granpa Joe and waiting for family members to pass by to jump out and scare. The tree is so big you could seriously hide a hummer under it, its way cool so we took some photos in it. Opa stopped by Envy on his way home from a bike ride with his buddies. Leiden got out her bike and was totally devastated when she got to the corner after he had left and realized she wasn't actually going on a ride with him and she was getting ditched. She was unconsolable for about 20 mintues. Then lastly we took a couple family photos on Fathers day with the help of the Ashby’s.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fathers Day

This week we celebrated Fathers Day. I actually tried to make it really great but messed up in a few areas. I planned way in advance what I wanted to get for Jake from Leidy and me. We went to the mall and shopped online and finally found what we were looking for on Ebay. I order really long basket ball shorts. They didn’t even ship till the Friday before. When it finally did ship I noticed that the address was to our old house. I've left a note on the door of our old house but here we are the Thursday after Fathers day and still no shorts. We had planned to go to the Smiths for a treat on Sunday night so the night before I attempted to bake two poppy seed cakes from a cupcake mix. I got the recipe from Oma Seethaler. In typical Manon style, they sunk totally flat in the middle. I was so ticked because I had fallowed the baking directions perfectly. (only to the cupcake specifications, which by the way does not work ok for cake style baking.) I tried to salvage them by cutting out the middle and just using the edges. When Jake got back from his meetings on I had prepared pancakes and bacon, only the bacon was burnt and I accidently poured too much cinnamon in the batter. Too much so that Jake smelled like cinnamon all day. But all in all we had a decent Fathers Day with the all the dads in our family.