Friday, December 31, 2010

Bear Lake Ride

My dad just sent me this pic from the Bear Lake bike ride he and his friend Jim put together every year. Good times.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

WOW - its been a while

Really has been a while and I have a lot to update. Clear back in July Leiden turned 4 and we had a balloon party and then just like last year rushed her off for her second shot at mutton busting. Shortly after Lincoln was born he was 21" long and weighed 8 and a half pounds. If was an easy delivery just like Leiden. I dont know where people get off saying having a baby is the hardest thing they have ever done. Come on peeps there are things way more difficult than that. :) For example Jake rode the LOTOJA now that is difficult. He looks so hot. What a man. We are proud of him. We have made some friends with a family from Leidens school. They just moved here from France 2 months ago. Its fun to hang out with them. We went to the zoo and even though Mia doesn't speak English they still get along like they are best friends. Leiden came home from school one day and said Mom I spoke French to Mia. I said " eh fret me tu" (some gibberish) but she didn't understand me. It was cute that she tried. This is Leiden and her cousin. Obviously she is a little older and well a picture tells a thousand words. Lastly here are some Halloween picts.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Almost There

I have not posted anything in a long time. My due date is Aug 5th but I have an induction date for July 27th. He can't come till then because I have a parade of homes home I need to finish up before he can come. Hope I make it :) Its been so long that I will just post some photos of fun things that have happened with little bits of info with them. I can never get the photos and words to line up the way I like them to so sorry if it doesn't work out. Leiden and I spent some of our allowance money on a zoo pass this year and this seems to be her favorite part everytime we go. Jake signed us up to go to the pricess festival with a few of Leidens princess friends. Grandma Smith took Leiden and I to get our first pedicures ever. Her feet were too short to reach the tub but it was super fun to share that first moment together with my mom. Thanks MOM!!! The next photos are just memories that we found while cleaning out one of our closets. This is when Jake and I were dating. I think we were at one of his sisters dance things in this one. This is Jake at his Bachlors party with his guy friends and Britney Spears. This is me and my best friend Julz grabbing free garb. I painted my friend Andreas girls room. We dont have much of a backyard of our own so we try to make the best of what we have. This is us cementing in some stones in front of the gate. I can barely sit down there I am getting so big. Jakes favorite day in the entire year is the fouth of July. To wrap up the night he and Jeremy decided it would be a good idea to have a firework battle. Luckily there was no casualties, just a burn hole in a t-shirt.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Lots of Traveling

We have been doing a lot of traveling over the past month or so. Mostly for work but we try to turn our work trips into vacations too. First we went to Saint George for Jake's company and brought along the Jacksons for entertainment. We shopped and hiked and just had fun hanging out. Then we went to Las Vegas for the Furniture Market and it happened to be my 30th birthday. We talked my parents into going with us and showing us a good luxurious time. I use to go there often with my family growing up. Seems kind of weird but Vegas used to be more family oriented. For me it still has that feeling as long as you go Smith style :). We rode up with the Smith and so we had to take a shuttle to Saint George to meet up with the Seethaler family. Jake and I thought we could walk to the airport in Vegas to catch the shuttle. We were way wrong. I can't believe we didn't take a photo of him and I with our hobo backpacks and pillows in hand walking on the side of the streets. I would guess we walked 5 miles before running out of time and feeling defeated enough to get in a taxi. When we got back home our friends the Hubbard invited us over for some cake to celebrate two birthdays, or so I thought. When Jake opened the door I saw all my friends had gathered for a big surprise party for me. I had told Jake I didn't want a party becuase I didnt think I had enough friends to make a good party but I was taken by the people that came and I almost cried. (very rare mind you). Leiden has been learning so much in school. We are minimalists with our possessions so we take photos of all the cute things she brings home - and then trash it. She wanted curly hair so I braided and curled her hair at night like my mom use to every sunday for all 4 of her girls. (Thanks Mom!!!:) We found out this last week we are having a boy. One thing that will be nice about that is we only have one boy name picked out so hopefully it will stick. Giving someone a name is too much of a responsibility to me. I know too many people that don't like their names.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A new member

The biggest news since I last posted is that we thawed out some embryos and one of them took. So we will be adding a new member to our family around Aug 5th. We are super excited but Leiden is taking a little time to warm up to the idea. We keep telling her its not a Baby its a new friend for her. and she is ok with that idea. Jake and I are really excited though. Because of this new addition my Boss (ie Jake) has fired me from my everyday job. I now am a stay at home mom that only goes into work 2 days a week from 8-12 and by appointment. It is so fun to stay home with Leiden and play. My side of the family tried to do a nativity this year. All the kids did such a good job it was realy cute. Jakes mom and dad got 2 new puppies. The best part these puppies is that we can show up, play with them, and then leave them for someone else to do the real work. Thanks to Jakes mom we got a membership to the childrems museum in Salt Lake. This is Leiden putting on a play for us. We took Leiden iceskatting for the first time. I normaly like sport activities but skating is realy not for me. We took a Saturday off from work and went sledding. Our dog Jack is the best ever. I have never met a more friendly tolerant dog. Jake built a snowman his same height. It was so funny to watch, it was like he was 8, he called his friends to come over to see if they could help him make a bigger one. I was asked to do another booth at this years design expo. It was fun but a lot of work, Leiden is the best side kick this is her helping me dry the seams in the drywall. Thats about it. Everyone remember my birthday is coming up. I'm turing the big 30. I think this is the time most people start lying about their age. Maybe next year I will turn 30 again. :)