Wednesday, November 03, 2010

WOW - its been a while

Really has been a while and I have a lot to update. Clear back in July Leiden turned 4 and we had a balloon party and then just like last year rushed her off for her second shot at mutton busting. Shortly after Lincoln was born he was 21" long and weighed 8 and a half pounds. If was an easy delivery just like Leiden. I dont know where people get off saying having a baby is the hardest thing they have ever done. Come on peeps there are things way more difficult than that. :) For example Jake rode the LOTOJA now that is difficult. He looks so hot. What a man. We are proud of him. We have made some friends with a family from Leidens school. They just moved here from France 2 months ago. Its fun to hang out with them. We went to the zoo and even though Mia doesn't speak English they still get along like they are best friends. Leiden came home from school one day and said Mom I spoke French to Mia. I said " eh fret me tu" (some gibberish) but she didn't understand me. It was cute that she tried. This is Leiden and her cousin. Obviously she is a little older and well a picture tells a thousand words. Lastly here are some Halloween picts.