Wednesday, March 04, 2009

We are so fun

Wow I am so wrong about us. I thought that nothing exciting was going on and then Jake downloaded photos off his camera and I realized we are fun. We went on a buying show in Vegas a few weeks ago and that was fun. Our friends the Hubbards went with us and it was really fun. We saw some cute things at the show and then partied the rest of the time. If anyone says we are not fun they are lying. I know people think Vegas is the city of sin but I love it. I guess it’s because I use to go there a lot with my family growing up so something about it feels homey to me. I guess it also helps my memory that my dad always did things to the 9’s (does that even make sense)? What I am trying to say is that I can’t believe he spent as much money as he did for our entertainment. Thanks mom and dad.

sick of the last blog

Nothing too special has happened I am just sick of looking at that last post so chew on this. Leiden has a new cousin. Nope it’s not true I just thought of something that is a big deal. Jake and I have made a goal to have less junk in are life. We are becoming minimalists. So this last week we sold both our bugs and a sofa loveseat we didn't need anymore. As a trade off we are hoping to each get a road bike, the ones we want are on backorder till April or May though so we'll see I guess. Here I just talked about becoming minimalists and they I say we want something else. Ha Ha. Well it will help us stay fit and its something we can do as a family. LOL