Monday, May 19, 2008

Wheeler Farm

This past weekend we made a trip out to Wheeler Farm. We haven't been out there yet this year, but Leiden is even more in love with animals then ever so we thought we'd make the trip. The Jacksons met us there and right away Leiden was having a great time playing with Carter. As soon as we saw them she yelled "Hi Carter" and then they just chased each other around for 20 minutes while we ate some dinner. When we actually headed over to the farm they decided that they wanted to hold hands. It was way cute, because it was totally unprovoked and they just wanted to hold hands the whole time we walked around the farm. If one of them got away from the other one either Leiden would yell "Carter my hand!" or Carter would say "I want to hold Leidens hand." Needless to say the animals were a big hit with Leiden. She loved feeding the ducks, petting the lambs that had such soft wool that she loved squishing her fingers in just like her mommy. Both Leiden and Carter wanted to feed the horse's, but as soon as you'd lift them up with a handful of grass and the horse turned his head they'd drop the grass and reer back afraid the horse was going to take off their whole hand. Leiden was pretty sad when we had to leave, but we had a great time.

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