Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Vacation Day 1

We just came back to the motel after a great day here in San diego. Here is a recap of the day:

Left this morning early. The seats on the Jet Blue flight were awesome! The main flight attendant thought it was open mic day and had recycled jokes throughout the flight. The girls liked her - I thought she was majorly annoying. When we arrived in San diego we got a car and went downtown for a little shoppng. We took the advice of some locals and went to lunch at a place called Nicky Rottens. The place was actually awesome! Best burgers of my life! Waitresses were a bit leggy and the locals were packed in there to drink beer and watch some soccer. Shopping yielded a pair of vibram five finger shoes for Manon google th if you haven't seen them - they are sweet. Next we checked into our motel. The cheapest motel in San diego - the motel 6. It seemed a by creepy from the outside, but it's just me night so how bad could it be. We came in to take a mini nap when suddenly there was this roar outside our window - turns out it was a plane full landing gear down about to hit the runway just a few hundred yards away. No sooner had we made this discovery when we heard a fog horn and the rumbling of a train wizzing right past the motel. So this must be why it's he cheapest in town - were going to have a great night of trains and planes!

After our nap we headed to the beach and, lucky us, it was farmers market night. Tons of hippies, druggies and beach bums. First guy to really catch our eye was a middleaged man with dreadlocks litterally down to the ground. I have pictures I will post when we get back. We walked out the longest concrete pier on the western coast. At the end of the pier was an old sailor, staring out into the ocean, dressed in full sailor gear. His stare was unflinching which was creepy enough, but what made it more creepy was the signs that he had been in that unmoving state. As Jeremy put it - he was oxidizing. Think statue of liberty - his nose and the crest of his cheek bones were litterally green with the rest of his face heading down that weathering road. Sad, strange and something you don't see staying at home.

Last story of the night. We're at Jack In The Box eating dinner. We soon realize everone in the place is a burned out druggy. We're eating when a guy comes in and orders something and we notice he is cussing like crazy at anyone that looks at him. Manon starts rubberneckig to see him and he looks at Jeremy and continues his cussing tirade. He gets his food and leaves and we follow shortly therafter. On our way out a couple more weirdies stop us and say "you guys handled that really well - that poor guy lives in the bushes right by us and yells all night long. Interesting group of bush dwellers we were eating with.