Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Fun

Saturday May 24th - Memorial weekend was great. We started it out with a BBQ on Saturday night at the Seethalers complete with Amanda and Steve, Jes and Melisa, Jenn and her roomate Amanda, Grandma Nye and Pat Haack, the Seethaler clan and us. We played games and had some fantastic Chicken and Hamburgers. The best my dad has ever BBQ'd if I dare say so. Leiden loved the corn and found a new fun game of taking toothpicks and making them stick in the holes on top of the salt and pepper shakers. Game night was a little split up so we made up some of our own games including a fun game of winding the tether ball to the top of the poll then standing as close to the poll as you dared and letting the ball unwind. If the ball hit you you were out, but if it didn't hit you whoever was standing closest to the poll won. It basically tests your limbo skills without moving - the ball swings to you and you lean. Afterwards we played a rousing game of Trouble with the Pop-O-Matic bubble. Finally we finished off the night with our spin on a cheesy "get to know you" question jar. Everyone would pull a get to know you question out of the jar then have to slip it in to conversation with the people who weren't involved in the game. It was hilarious to see how you could slip the answers to some of these questions into normal conversation.

Sunday May 25th - After church we headed down to Provo to see my Grandpa Joe and visit graves. The highlight there was playing in Grandpa's giant overgrown tree. We hid out - took some pics and scared Amanda and Steve and Mom, Dad, Sarah, Jenn, and Amanda when they showed up. Basically the routine was to hide in the tree near where their feet would be and come running out of them when they got settled out of the car. They let out some good screams and we had some good laughs. We left Provo to go to the Smith's for family dinner. The dinner was awesome we had pulled pork and ribs - it was D-licious. Leiden loves hanging out with her cousins.

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