Monday, May 26, 2008

3D - Fish, They're Coming

We had a fun family night activity of heading downtown to the Clark Planetarium for a 3D movie about the ocean with Leiden. She loves animals, but we didn't know how well she would hold up in a movie, but since it was only 45 minutes long we thought we'd give it a shot. She was really into the experience until the movie started, then she didn't want to wear her glasses or watch the movie, but once the fishes started swimming on the screen we convinced her to try the glasses for a minute. Her expression was priceless - she would put on the glasses and her mouth would literaly drop open with amazement and she would quickly grab the glasses to pull them off her face and see how close the fish was - when it wasn't right there in front of her on they'd go again. She did this for a good 5 minute set - amazed the whole time. She lost interest for the bulk of the movie but went in for more 3D fun at the end with the same look of amazement. Afterwards when we asked her how the fish movie was she kept saying - "They're Coming" because it looked like the fish were coming at you. We played around on the Mars and Moon exhibits for a while before heading home.

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