Friday, October 24, 2008

Fall Fun

This month has gotten a little better than the last. Sorry for leaving the depressing one up for so long. Jenn and Rob (Jakes sister) got married and little Leidens dress was so cute. She spent most the time by the refreshment table like her mommy. I'm sure there will be lost of cute candid photos to come from that day. One of the most fun things we did this month was go to Corn Bellies. It's a corn maze but with a ton more things than just a maze. There was a bouncing pillow thing, cool slides, pig races, trike tracks and duck pond races. I think the best part was when the guys got to play dress up. Aren't they all so pretty? Jeremy looks a little too good in his emo wig. The maze was actually the boring part. We also got settled into our new Envy store in draper after breaking our backs moving out of the old one. We moved so we didn't have to pay rent any more and so our pricing could be better for our clients. Most of our work comes from be going to people homes to me bossy and spend their money? Isn't my job great? We had to do a little touch up of the stucco on the outside so Jake and I took turns scrubbing and painting in the rain. The new store turned out really nice and we had a good turn out for our open house. Leiden is getting pumped up about wearing her Halloween costume. She picked out a giraffe this time. We have had a ton of support from our friend over our trauma of last month and we appreciate all who thought of us. Thanks.