Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Missed November

Here we are in December and I missed November and the very end of October so here comes that backtrack. Seems like every year Halloween gets stretched out longer and longer with more and more activities, but we like all the fun and candy. One of my favorite parts is an adults only Halloween party one of our neighbors organizes. The best part of this years party was a lipsink from our host dressed up as David Bowe (the goblin king) from the movie Labyrinth. He sang Dance Magic Dance and it was unforgetable. It's all I can think about when ever I see him now. Leiden was excited to be a giraffe again this year so that made my job easy. I doubt it will fit again next year though. The young men in our ward had an activity that tested all ranges of their abilities and earned points for doing the best in each catagory. I remembered something my brother used to do with his friends in highschool and thought it would be a good addition to the YM activity. Its titled the Cocoa Challenge. Each YM had to try to consume a spoonful of Cocoa. Needless to say I had a cocoa cloud lingering in my kitchen and many boys in our back yard throwing up. I dont think I ever threw up on YW when I was growing up. Hmm maybe there is something wrong here. Jake turned the big 30 this month and we had a Wild West themed party complete with an eggnog bar tender, cowboy duels and animal roundups. The day before his birthday the heavens parted and a miracle happened in my kitchen. I made a cake that didn't sink in the middle and formed it into a cactus for the party. We are ending the year of 2009 and every year Jake and I try to set goals. He set one for himself that I thought was unabtainable given his body type, but Jake, unlike myself, always makes good on his goals. He wanted to have a 6 pack by the time he turned 30. Here's the proof.