Saturday, August 15, 2009

A post a month?

When I started this crazy blog thing I thought oh once a month will be no problem. Well it is!!! so sorry anyone interested. Here are a few things I need to remind myself to write about as soon as I can get Jake to download the photos I need to compliment them beacause who really cares about the text. Photos are all that matters. Nothings better than a really awkward photo of someone you know. Like a crazy accident thats sad to see but you can't help but want to stare and with blogs you can stare all you want without getting caught.
  • We put on our white trash hats on for the Fair
  • Leiden had her 3rd Birthday
  • Flaming Gorge trip
  • Trek ma and pa
  • Leiden thinks she a helper not a student
  • Jakes 100 mile bike ride
  • Holmes Parade of Home

Dont hold your breath but comming soon.