Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fat Lip

Leiden experienced her first real "owie" today. She was playing a game she loves to play matching keys into keyholes and then telling us proudly when she's got one right. She was trying keys out in the truck door and got it right so she ran over to pull my leg and said "Poppy Look!" I looked over and told her good job and she went running back to the truck to get the keys. In her excitement she got a little ahead of herself and tripped face first onto the concrete. The results were painful - one skinned knee and one majorly cut / fat lip. When I ran to pick her off the ground I immediately noticed blood all over. We took her into the bathroom and cleaned her up and the blood seemed to scare her as much as anyone. In all the pain the only thing that seemed to distract her from her crying was spraying Solorcaine on her cut. She thought it was "body bubbles" and the rest of the morning she kept asking for more bubbles on her owie.


Chels said...

Poor little Leiden...she looks so sad in that picture, it breaks my heart! She is so tuff though, I can't believe she asked for more medicine to be put on her lip...I would never do that...it must have made her feel better though.

I hope you gave her a popsicle since you are the ice cream pirates...that would help too. Mmm...popsicles...

Why doesn't Manon blog? Jeez, she is such a slacker.

Unknown said...

Hey guys! Found your blog on Jenn's. Look at that adorable Leiden...hopefully we can see you when we come out to UT in couple weeks.