Sunday, April 20, 2008


I know it happens to all of us. You get some "thing" that your like or that has sentimental value to you for some reason and you hang on to it way past it's useful life. In my family it's more then just a fear of letting go - it's a downright syndrome. My Grandma Irene was the first I knew who really showed how bad this attached syndrome could be. When she died her house was stacked floor to ceiling with what must have been every paper she ever received. Magazines, Notes, Newspapers, there literally was just a path between the mess from her front door to the bathroom then another path to the kitchen. It was outrageous.

Then there is me. When Manon and I got married I had boxes and boxes of momentos. Manon was nice enough to find ways to help me overcome my problem. She even made me take pictures with my momentos before throwing them away. Everything from old Far Side Calendars to an old cast (that one really grossed Manon out).

Then there is my Grandpa. A picture says a thousand words so enjoy this picture of his daily sitter for the past 30+ years....

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