Thursday, January 26, 2012

7 month update

Lincoln turned1 and Leiden turned 5

We celebrated 10 years of marriage and finaly got a new car

Leiden was a mutton bustin' champ and won a large belt buckle with a sheep on it.

Grandpa Smith was teaching Link how to work hard or is that hardly work? 
I went to my first 3 concerts ever in life. Ben folds, TMBG and my favorite The Foo Fighters.  Too bad at the Foo concert I personally offended Dave Grohl and was publicly scorned for it. I tried to make ammends my writing a sorry letter but who knows if he really got it?

Speaking of the Foo - Holy Cow it was awesome

Jake hiked in the cold with the scouts to the hot pots.

Jake turn into an even older man and had a sweet party with his Best Buddies

We took our kids to Disneyland!!! Don't worry Link is close by sleeping for all you worried moms.

We got our nicest Christmas get ups out for the Holidays!!! Hot Hot (dont be a hater)

We have the cutest kids ever!!! Leiden loves Lincoln and Link loves her back. 


thomas family said...

I'm so glad you guys are still alive! Cute family pictures! When can we get together?

Heather said...

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