Friday, July 22, 2011

June and July

I've been waiting to make a post because its sad for me to post over our Holland Days but life have to go on. Here are some of the highlights since we've been back. I think the only real reason people even look at blogs is to see photos so that is mostly what this will be. I have mastered the baby shower. I have had 3 new baby nieces born this last month, two of which I did showers for. One was a Circus theme and the other had an owl theme. I learned I like to throw party's and plan them but not necessarily to participate in them. Leiden had her preschool end of year program and did such an awesome job. She always sings the loudest and has some crazy antic going on to entertain the masses. This year it was pulling her bakers hat down over her face and popping back out of it. Jake and Link got matching pirate tattoos. We went to Saint George with some friends and on the way stopped in a ghost town where I found this cute house. We played in the water in the center of town and did a few hikes in Zions. Leiden showed the boys who was boss!!! Jake and I continued our quest for a clutter free life and it makes him feel better to take photos of stuff before saying goodbye. :( Link has never found anything he doesn't like in his mouth, be it a mallow or a foot. My sister in law passed on a shirt I have been coveting for a long time. I promised to treat it well and give it the love it obviously deserves. We went camping and boating. Then Leiden got spoiled for her birthday. Lastly Lincoln got into Leidens minty toes pedicure cupboard and gave him self and the bathroom a makeover.


bobandhaley said...

I like the owls. And Nonna, I can't get over how stinkin' cute your family is. Lincoln is such a handsome little man.

Crystal said...

Fun summer! That is a lot of baby showers. You did a great job on mine too! Way to go.