Friday, March 05, 2010

Lots of Traveling

We have been doing a lot of traveling over the past month or so. Mostly for work but we try to turn our work trips into vacations too. First we went to Saint George for Jake's company and brought along the Jacksons for entertainment. We shopped and hiked and just had fun hanging out. Then we went to Las Vegas for the Furniture Market and it happened to be my 30th birthday. We talked my parents into going with us and showing us a good luxurious time. I use to go there often with my family growing up. Seems kind of weird but Vegas used to be more family oriented. For me it still has that feeling as long as you go Smith style :). We rode up with the Smith and so we had to take a shuttle to Saint George to meet up with the Seethaler family. Jake and I thought we could walk to the airport in Vegas to catch the shuttle. We were way wrong. I can't believe we didn't take a photo of him and I with our hobo backpacks and pillows in hand walking on the side of the streets. I would guess we walked 5 miles before running out of time and feeling defeated enough to get in a taxi. When we got back home our friends the Hubbard invited us over for some cake to celebrate two birthdays, or so I thought. When Jake opened the door I saw all my friends had gathered for a big surprise party for me. I had told Jake I didn't want a party becuase I didnt think I had enough friends to make a good party but I was taken by the people that came and I almost cried. (very rare mind you). Leiden has been learning so much in school. We are minimalists with our possessions so we take photos of all the cute things she brings home - and then trash it. She wanted curly hair so I braided and curled her hair at night like my mom use to every sunday for all 4 of her girls. (Thanks Mom!!!:) We found out this last week we are having a boy. One thing that will be nice about that is we only have one boy name picked out so hopefully it will stick. Giving someone a name is too much of a responsibility to me. I know too many people that don't like their names.


bobandhaley said...

I miss that little girl so much! We are excited to have a young boy cousin for Owen and Gabe to play with. Miss you guys

thomas family said...

Happy Late Birthday Manon! Sorry we didn't know, 30 is awesome isn't it. Congrats on having a boy, they are so much different and not as complicated as girls.

cory and tara said...

We had so much fun with you guys. Thanks again for taking us to St. George with you! I am so excited for the little boy! I never asked you how it went when you told she excited for a little brother?

Liz and John Behunin said...

Now, I have been to Las Vegas Smith style and I have to agree that there is no better way to go. Good times, good times. I miss your family- especially Papa Smith, tell him hello.

Happy Birthday!!! 30, is super old. Ha, ha i'm still in my twenties. You are super old.

Congrats on a boy, that is so exciting. I am so happy for you.