Wednesday, March 04, 2009

sick of the last blog

Nothing too special has happened I am just sick of looking at that last post so chew on this. Leiden has a new cousin. Nope it’s not true I just thought of something that is a big deal. Jake and I have made a goal to have less junk in are life. We are becoming minimalists. So this last week we sold both our bugs and a sofa loveseat we didn't need anymore. As a trade off we are hoping to each get a road bike, the ones we want are on backorder till April or May though so we'll see I guess. Here I just talked about becoming minimalists and they I say we want something else. Ha Ha. Well it will help us stay fit and its something we can do as a family. LOL

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Nan said...

Sweet! Roadbikes! Can we talk you into doing some organized rides with us now? I hope you are shopping on because they have SWEET deals.