Monday, June 08, 2009

Vacation Wrap Up

Sweet Vacation. The Woottons were able to book last minute and join us and we had an awesome time. A few highlights:

- Jake never missed a meal and gained 11 pounds.
- Manon never missed a meal and gained 1 pound.
- Jeremy never missed a meal and gained 3 pounds.
- Ashley, Mike and Miranda haven't reported their weight gain.
- Mike and Miranda were Karaoke Superstars.
- Jeremy was just a few strokes short of winning ship wide Mini Golf.
- The ships "fun dude" thought Jake was stalking him and ran away.
- Ashley ate more then her share of soft serve ice cream.
- The weather was overcast, breezy, 60's.

Some pics:


Fackrell Fam said...

Where was the trip? I can't believe that you gained 1 lb. and Jake gained way MORE!

bobandhaley said...

We loved having, Lieden while you were gone. There's a party in my tummy!

Nan said...

Nice, Jake. You get the fat-man trophy. Sounds like a fun time! Wish we could have joined you.