Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Date Night

This weekend Jake and I set out for a fun adventure. I say adventure because we knew going into it that things could go awry. Earlier this year I won a dress up contest at the antelope island midnight ride and we needed to use it before the New Year, so as part of Jakes birthday gift I made a reservation to (name withheld) in SLC. I had previously looked at photos of it online but just thought maybe they hadn’t updated their site this century. Clue #1 I guess. So we got off work early, dropped Leiden off at my sister Celest’s for her first sleepover party with cousins, and went to dinner with some friends. Then we headed for the Hotel. We didn’t realize it was the Light the night Party so it was a little crowded. As we neared the Hotel our hopes were up because the location seemed like it could be good given the expensive real estate it must be to have a hotel so near the Temple. Jake sent me in to figure out where we should park. As I entered the Lobby I was fairly certain we would not be spending the night there. I had my gift certificate in hand and the woman (old, frail, smoker, straggly hair, rotted teeth) was pleased to see me like she had been waiting for me for some time. She said we could drive around back and park in the garage then come back in and she would get us checked in and show us our room. I thought Oh Crap she is actually going to show us this room. Weird. She gave us a map of the city and told us we could take tracks any where because we were in the “Free Zone” she only had one so she went to another room to make us a copy. We just indulged her like we were out of towners. Apparently we were there in SLC a great time to enjoy all the festivities. Jake and I wanted to be sure we knew how to check out in case we would be leaving in oh lets say 10 minutes. She said we could bring our key back to her in the morning. We said oh we might be leaving really early. So she said we could leave the key in our room but they lock the parking garage at 10 pm until 6am. It was now about 9:40 so we knew we have to make our move quickly. We walked down the hall to our room to find what you see in these photos. We are not luxury snobs and this might be fine if you were in Europe or something but not 15 minutes away from your own bed. We snapped a few shots, wrote a thank you note and began to sneak out. We couldn’t bring ourselves to make the lady feel bad by telling her we just couldn’t bear to spend the night there so we took turns running down the hall being sure that she didn’t see us. (you can see the each door form her desk) My favorite part was the red light in the bathroom which I am sure was meant to be a warming light but there was no warmth coming from it so it was more like a red light district. Anyway way fun.


Perschon Family said...

that is an awesome story! it just made my night! i think the red light was to set the MOOD since nothing else there was....or not! glad you got out safely!

Chels said...

Why is her office at a location where she can see all of the doors? It seems kind of prison-like with her monitoring everyone...scary. But I do love the picture of Jake in the red-light district...he is such a great model...and so are you, I'm just saying he needs to be discovered by someone with a picture like that...and though I thought it was strange that you headed there with no intention of staying, I am glad you checked it out, if for nothing else than a great blog post :)

Jason and Mackenzie said...

that's awesome...we've had a few restaurant adventures that are similar. When are we hanging out?