Saturday, July 26, 2008


I have decided that this blogging thing is kind of nerdy and most people go way over board. I just can't keep up with people that update every week. I like to read about others and want them to stay updated but I am only going to post once a month with no guarantees.

July is Jakes favorite month. He likes July like most people like Christmas. On the 4th we got up early to see the Riverton Flag raising ceremony which is always a treat. This year especially because one of the old guys from the firing row wanted to keep shooting is gun way after everyone else was done and the guy leading the pledge was so overcome with patriotism that he forgot how the pleg really goes leaving the audience totally confused. Then we can home for breakfast and floated down the Provo river. It was unbearably cold but also very fun. Jeremy got his first taste at hitchhiking with Jake to get back up the river.

We went with the Smith family to Flaming George for our only summer vacation. We camped with Leiden and she loved it. She loved swimming and tubing with her cousins. We also celebrated her 2 year birthday. She was spoiled with gifts. Jake was injured while playing with the boys. They like to find big rocks and push them off the cliffs as I assume most boys do. Jake slipped a little and wedged his foot into a rock to keep from sliding in with the rock. Luckily his brother-in-law, Jake grabbed him but he also almost got his arm bitten because Jake was in so much pain.

The very next week Jake took the older of the young men to a camp and had so much fun. He was very impressed as to how well all the boys got along and stuck together. View the video to see what happens when boys get together, and in my opinion the highlight of the trip. Envy was closed on the 24th so we took advantage of that day also. We went to fatcats for bowling and then did a little ice-blocking afterwards. That was capped off with a party at the smiths with fireworks. I won a costume competition on our midnight bike ride but I am still trying to get photos of it so I will post them if I get anything. We have a full calendar for Aug. including many Ice Cream Pirate events and a potential pregnancy so stay tuned.


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